John JP Paterson



John Paterson simply known as "JP" to his family, friends, colleagues and clients alike. Has been in the real estate brokerage business for more than 40 years in sales, management and executive positions. He is a long time Oakville resident with his wife Lolita.

His real estate career has included marketing, consulting, coaching, counselling, training, speaking, negotiating, arbitrating and public relations. He was president of his real estate board and was appointed by the Ontario Government to the Commercial Registration Appeal Tribunal for real estate cases. He has attended conferences and networking meetings in every province and a number of U.S. states that can benefit relocating clients.

He is well known and respected in the industry and is pleased to be adding his experience, knowledge and expertise to the team working with home buyers and sellers. After hours his interests include Health & Nutrition, Gourmet Cooking & Fine Dining, Photography & Digital Imaging, Travel & Theatre, and keeping in touch with friends.