By: Nate Van Beilen

4 Ways Schools Affect Home Prices

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  Is there a connection between schools and home prices? Surveys show a surprising relationship and correlation between the two. Bill Gasset presents some interesting ideas in a recent article on this topic. People are willing to pay more for good schools – most people are willing to pay between six and ten percent more for homes with access to good schools. One in six are willing ...Read More

By: Nate Van Beilen

Local Event: 2015 Green Living Show

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Green products, innovations, and lifestyle ideas abound at the Green Living Show, Canada’s largest green consumer show. Taking place at Metro Toronto Convention Center March 27-29, the Green Living Show is a kickoff for Earth Month and is a great opportunity to learn about healthier living, and a healthier planet. The organizers of the show are dedicated to easy and workable solutions for ...Read More

By: Nate Van Beilen

Mounting Opposition to Oakville Housing Development

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  Opposition towards an Oakville housing development over Saw Whet Golf Course is heating up. Last year many local residents wrote to Oakville’s officials expressing concern and outcry regarding plans for a 780 house, 2 high density multi story building development. In response, Oakville Town Council did not approve plans. However, the housing developer has now recently sidestepped th...Read More

By: Nate Van Beilen

Strike Possible for Halton Schools

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  If contract negotiations are not advanced, the Halton District School Board may go on strike in April. A central issue seems to involve timing and communication.  “It’s more about how long it has taken to set up meetings with the board than the issues themselves,” according to Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) Vice President Harvey Bischof....Read More

By: Nate Van Beilen

Toronto: Disliked Driver of Canada’s Economy

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  David Olive recently reported that Toronto is disliked throughout the rest of Canada because it is the country’s principal city and receives a lot of attention. As much as people outside of Toronto might balk at the city, the NDP leader Thomas Mulcair recently stated, “Toronto is the most important city in Canada.” Is he right? Let the facts speak for themselves. The...Read More

By: Nate Van Beilen

De-clutter, De-stress, and Donate

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  Do you have too much stuff? After this long winter, you may feel a bit overwhelmed and stressed with all the clutter around you. In fact, psychologists at UCLA have recently confirmed a correlation between clutter and poor health by studying the stress hormone cortisol. The study concluded that people with clutter issues share the same pattern of cortisol associated with those suffering f...Read More

By: Nate Van Beilen

Oil’s Effect on Home Prices

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Whether you like it or not, Canada’s economy is tied to the wobbly nature of oil prices. Consequently, the sharp decline in oil prices is having a negative effect on national housing sales. Alberta, Canada’s oil producing province is taking a particularly heavy hit from the slump in oil prices. The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) forecasts a decline of 3.4% in Alberta’s ...Read More

By: Nate Van Beilen

5 Points to Consider about Mortgages, other than interest

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Interest rates are an important factor when choosing how to mortgage your home, but what other factors are there to consider? David Fleming at the Toronto Realty blog offers a great list of some factors and features that are sometimes overlooked when mortgages are drawn out: Amortization Period – the choice of 25 or 30 years. Five years can make a big difference in interest payments Pre...Read More

By: Nate Van Beilen

Local Event: High Rendition Jazz Annual Concert

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  The High Rendition Jazz Band is putting on its 8th Annual fundraising concert on Saturday, March 28, at 7pm in St. Thomas Aquinas high school in Oakville. The High Rendition Jazz Band is an award winning group made up of very talented high-school aged musicians in the Oakville, Burlington and the surrounding Halton region. The fundraising event will help cover expenses of the organizatio...Read More

By: Nate Van Beilen

Local Event – High Rendition Jazz Annual Concert

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